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La Cottura | Italian Design | Made in Italy

Made in Italy

Not everything that sounds Italian is actually Italian.
Many brands today sound Italian but are produced elsewhere. So why choose imitation instead of the original?

La Cottura® – Pure Italian!

OEM Products

Italian Design Srl offers a wide range of induction hobs of all sizes, with power limiter and semi-professional, integrated and non-integrated suction, electric radiant, ovens and other built-in appliances made to specific requests of the industrial customer and/or distributor.

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La Cottura | Italian Design | OEM


Italian Design Srl è un’azienda con sistema della qualità certificato ISO 9001.
Tutti i prodotti ad induzione a marchio La Cottura® e i prodotti OEM sono conformi alle normative CE e EMC previste sulla sicurezza elettrica e sulla compatibilità elettromegnetica.

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